Walmart’s close friend in Washington DC

WE’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE YOU to Walmart’s close friend in Washington DC, Harry Thomas Jr. Harry is a member of the DC City Council.  He’s a strong proponent of Walmart’s effort to build stores in the nation’s capital.  In fact, Walmart included quotes from Thomas in its November 2010 press release announcing its entry into to DC.  But who is Harry Thomas?  Turns out Thomas created a not for profit, Team Thomas, that wasn’t really a not for profit.  Instead it was a way for Thomas to steer government money to himself.  Or at least that’s what the DC Attorney General alleged in his complaint seeking $300,000 back.  Rather than teach kids to play baseball, Team Thomas used some of the money to buy a $69,000 Audi and to go golfing in Pebble Beach.  Thomas has agreed to pay back the $300,000 to settle the suit the City, but who knows how he will fare in light of the ongoing federal investigation.  Who’s in charge of due diligence in Stevie Restivo’s shop?

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